STONY HILL Two-Disc Colored Vinyl


Deluxe two-disc, colored vinyl set includes a glossy 48-page color booklet featuring exclusive photographs of Stony Hill landscapes and candid’s of Damian by photographer Brian Cross/Mochilla. The booklet also contains lyrics to all 18 tracks complete with full production credits.

Track Listing

Side A

1. Intro
2. Here We Go
3. Nail Pon Cross
4. R.O.A.R.
5. Medication feat. Stephen Marley

Side B

1. Time Travel
2. Living It Up
3. Looks Are Deceiving
4. The Struggle Discontinues
5. Autumn Leaves

Side C

1. Everybody Wants To Be Somebody
2. Upholstery feat. Major Myjah
3. Grown & Sexy feat. Stephen Marley

Side D

1. Perfect Picture feat. Stephen Marley
2. So A Child May Follow
3. Slave Mill
4. Caution
5. Speak Life